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Tetramethylthiuram Disulphide

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Thakar Dass & Company Private Limited is a renowned Tetramethylthiuram Disulphide Manufacturer and Supplier in India. Tetramethylthiuram Disulphide is used as a primary or secondary (ultra) accelerator in multiple blend accelerator systems with thiazoles and sulfonamides. Tetramethylthiuram Disulphide also finds use as a vulcanizing agent (sulfur donor) in most of the sulfur-cured elastomers.

Compounding Suggestion

Tetramethylthiuram Disulphide (TMTD) is usually used with normal dosages of sulphur in NR and SBR compounds. It is used as a secondary accelerator to boost the action of thiazole and sulphenamide type accelerators. At 2 to 4 PHR levels, without sulphur, vulcanizates give outstanding heat resistance. TMTD is used as a primary accelerator in IIR and EPDM stocks. It is activated by aldehyde amine and guanidinc type accelerators. It acts as retarder in polyehloroprene rubber compounds.


TMTD is used alone of along with other accelerators in wide range of products such as tyres, inner tubes of all kinds of mechanical goods, goods coming in contact with food articles, dipped goods, fast curing ebonite goods lining etc. In sulphurless cure, TMTD is used for outstanding heat resistance  for products such as cables, insulations, various molded item hoses, etc.


  • Avoid breathing its dust as inhalation causes irritation of nose and throat
  • In case of skin contact, rinse with a plenty of water
  • In case of contact with eyes, medical attention is required

Physical Properties

Appearance Light buff to while powder
Active Ingredient 96% m/m. Min.
Specific Gravity 1.42 at 25
Melting Point Not below 145oC
Ash Content 0.30% Maximum
Moisture 0.2% Maximum
Oil Contents 1% to 2%
Solubility Soluble in acetone, benzene and methylene chloride. Partly soluble in ethanol, ehtyl acetate and naphtha, insoluble in petroleum ether and water.



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